Secure, Seamless Plug & Charge Solution

ISS has decades of experience in securely delivering certificates to vehicles and infrastructure devices.  ChargeAuth combines this expertise with the convenience and interoperability made possible through the ISO 15118 standard and the Plug & Charge architecture. This technology allows seamless multi-vendor charging with no apps, no barcodes, no card to swipe. Just plug-in and charge.

One Platform Enables Multiple Applications

ISS ChargeAuth supports the ISO 15118-2 and -20 standards for security and interoperability. Our secure infrastructure can provision production certificates for car makers (OEMs), Charge Point Operators (CPOs), and e-Mobility Service Providers (eMSPs), providing access to the Plug & Charge ecosystem.

Automakers (OEMs)

ISS is known for delivering a reliable, secure, production-grade PKI for high-volume manufacturing with no unplanned downtime


ISS is a trusted partner that can help manage the risk to a charge point network - whether you operate at one location or you are building a national network.


Success for an MSP depends on trust. The entire value proposition is built on trusted relationships with OEMs, CPOs, and Smart Utilities.

Automakers (OEMs)

Plug & Charge is Essential for OEMs

High-volume EV adoption will require the convenience of a Plug & Charge solution that works the first time on a wide variety of charging neworks. ISS is the first V2G PKI vendor to offer a full suite of OEM services to support ISO 151180-20 opeations.

Security built in

Production vehicle provisioning built on ISS DLM Trust secure technology used by all major OEMs today

Certificate Pools

Hosting for OEM certificate pools to enable interoperability

Optional eMSP Platform

Optional white-labeled default eMSP platform that can provide a default option for private vehilces and fleets

Revenue Sharing

Options for revenue sharing and flexible pricing algined with OEM strategic goals

CPOs and Charge Point Manufacturers

Value for CPOs and Charge Point Manufacturers

ISS brings decades of experience in protecting vulnerable assets in a public environment. ChargeAuth is the only V2G platform built on the same SCMS core that currently supports most state DOTs sponsored connected vehicle pilots.

Large-Scale Experience

Experience in supporting large-scale deployments of roadside infrastructure, strong collaborative rleationsihps with the most demanding state DOTs and integrators.


Ability to operate at any scale, whether you are standing up a equpment for a single location or rolling out a national network.

Device Management Platform

ChargeAuth comes with an advanced web interaface and API for managing the security lifecycle of a fleet of devices.  This platform is derived from the ISS SCMS DM Dashboards used by leading state DOTs for secure device management.

Support for ISO:15118-20

The ISS V2G PKI supports the –20 standard with enhanced interoperability and higher security cryptography than the legacy -2 version of the standard.

eMobility Service Providers

Protection for eMSP's Reputation

ISS is the only V2G PKI operator that also provides production certificates for transaction terminals and payment system infrastructure. ISS experts can advise you in achieving PCI-level complaince needed to build trust from financial networks and Smart Grid operators.

Wide range of support

ISS currently supports all major OEMs with production certificates.

Connect with customers

ChargeAuth is built using the same HSMs and certification process used for payment terminals and other massively distributed critical infrastructure components.

V2G Gauntlet

The first purpose-built, advanced PKI emulator that supports all forms of ISO 15118-20 certificates and certificate chains. Supports the ability to perform targeted certificate modifications to test your equipment against any potential future situation when exposed to a malicious actor or third-party vendors with a faulty implementation. You can start using this hosted service today to perform interoperability testing.